This Week at the Fredericton Playhouse (05.23.16)

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Leo Hayes High School Safe Grad presents

Lion King Competition

Lion1-272x300An evening filled with fun entertainment, excitement and a lot of laughter is what is promised in this year’s edition of the Leo Hayes High School’s Lion King Competition. LHHS grade 12 male students will compete to take home the honour of being named the “Lion King”. This annual competition which is a Safe Grad fundraiser sees the candidates performing a choreographed dance as a group as well as individual talents in front of their admiring fans and the judges. Some of the talents are surprisingly good while all are very entertaining! There is a fashion show section of the Competition as well where the candidates get to “strut their stuff” while looking great in fancy clothing. Just before the judges go off to deliberate, the candidates are posed with impromptu questions which always guarantees a few laughs. The conclusion of the night is when the Lion King and his Court – the Prince of Popularity, the Duke of Cool, the Court Minstrel, the Court Jester and Mr. Congeniality are announced. Come out for a fun evening of entertainment and support LHHS Safe Grad because these guys just cannot wait to be King….!

Lion King Competition | Monday, May 23, 2016 | 7:30 p.m. | Buy Tickets


Saint John Theatre Company presents

An Enemy of the People

SJTCEnemyPeople-300x297By Henrik Ibsen. Directed by Richard Rose.| A bold new adaptation by Maria Milisavljevic.

A turn of the Century drama infused with present day relevance. A local doctor has discovered industrial contamination in the local water. The town is famous for its mineral baths and the discovery would shatter the local economy and ruin the town. A message that can’t be ignored. A pressing story with a local perspective.

Please be advised that this performance contains mature themes and occasional use of strong language.

 An Enemy of the People | Tuesday, May 24, 2016 | 7:30 p.m. | Buy Tickets


Bonnie Kilburn’s Dance Center presents

“The Recital” featuring “Platinum Dancers”

Thursday May 26, 2016 – 6:30 p.m. and Friday May 27, 2016 – 6:30 p.m. | Buy Tickets


Asian Heritage Society of New Brunswick presents

My Name is Dakhel Faraj

AsianHeritage2016-300x184The Life Story of a Refugee from Iraq

My Name is Dakhel Faraj is the true story of an Iraqi refugee now living in Kitchener, who lived under Saddam Hussein’s regime and witnessed the killing of some of his own children and father by US soldiers during the invasion of Iraq in 2003.  The play celebrates life, love, family, art, and condemns war.

Dakhel’s story reflects the lives of many Arab refugees who came to Canada and other countries during the war on Iraq. This unique production is told polyphonically in English, Arabic, and American Sign Language by three actors each representing Dakhel Faraj. The three Dakhels tell the narrative in collaboration and cooperation, and tell most of the story in each language – but certain things are left out, and nuances are unique to each voice. The element of challenge in this presentation is partially about not getting the whole story when people ‘think’ they understand a situation, a distant conflict, or what it is like to be a refugee or an immigrant.

My Name is Dakhel Faraj was written and directed by Syrian-Canadian theatre artist Nada Humsi, based on interviews with Dakhel Faraj.

KW-ACT is a collective of immigrant and refugee artists, which has been active since 2012 with support from the Kitchener-based multicultural theatre company MT Space.

My Name is Dakhel Faraj | Saqturday May 28, 2016 | 7:00 p.m. | Free


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