Weak Size Fish Share ‘Lost Lagoon’

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Fredericton reggae ensemble share first new recordings since 2012’s ‘Shakedown’.

Matt Carter


It’s been about six years since Weak Size Fish have released any new music. Shortly after the release of their 2012 full length, Shakedown, the group went on hiatus leaving no indication if or when they would return. The band reunited in 2017 to play a series of summer shows and appear committed to continue writing and performing.  

On the eve of a busy summer schedule that includes performances at Paddlefest, Folly Fest and Future Forest, the band have released the new single Lost Lagoon, a track they’re describing as “an existential anthem for the city’s escapist soul”.

“The song’s about someone who’s just tired of the rat race and living in the city and is just trying to escape from all that,” said guitarist/vocalist Nick Mazerolle. “Lyrically, the song’s pretty introspective. It’s about going inward and finding yourself and reconnecting with yourself.”

Mazerolle admits to often feeling like he has to stop and reevaluate his own situation from time to time and believes that’s just part of what living in the city is all about.

“I’m always kind of feeling that way. Fredericton’s not really that big of a city so it’s not crazy but to a degree I’m always trying to go inward and just making sure that I’m on track with who I’m wanting to become, with where I’m going and not losing touch with who I am,” he said.

The Lost Lagoon single is currently available via Bandcamp and features a new version of Sail The Sea, a track that first appeared on the group’s Shakedown album.

“We wanted to focus on getting some new material out there so we released this recording and it’s paired with another song that’s a remake of an earlier recording,” said Mazerolle. “We’re probably going to start recording new music in the summer. We’re not sure if it’s going to work into an EP or a full length but right now the plan is just to do some recording so we can have something ready for next spring.

“Having not played together for a few years, I think we’ve all grown in our own directions. Coming back together I think we’ve taken what we’ve each grown into and made it into something new in a way. I feel like we’re just moving forward, beyond what we were before.”

Upcoming Performances:

May 19 | Paddlefest | St. Andrews, NB
June 15 | Tide and Boar | Moncton, NB
June 16 | Fishbones | Charlottetown, PEI
June 24 | Folly Fest | Gagetown, NB
June 29 | The Capital | Fredericton, NB
June 30 | SJ Boardwalk | Saint John, NB
July 1 | SJ Boardwalk | Saint John, NB
July 14 | Inspire Festival | Moncton, NB
July 27 | The Red Herring | St. Andrews, NB
July 28 | Future Forest | Sheffield, NB
August 17 | Shepody House | Dorchester, NB
Sept. 15 | Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival | Fredericton, NB

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