We Made Some Noise!

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Here’s what last Saturday’s Make Some Noise for Essential Workers event sounded like in one Fredericton neighbourhood. 

Henry Gibson

This past Saturday, Fredericton Mayor Mike O’Brien encouraged residents to make some noise as a way to show some support and appreciation for the all essential services workers. People took to their front steps, driveways and backyards armed with pots, pans, musical instruments and noise makers of all kinds and for ten straight minutes, the calm of a warm spring evening was filled with a beautiful city-wide racket. 

“There are so many people working to keep us safe and the city running,” said Mayor O’Brien. “As we stay at home like we are supposed to, I just wanted to find a way to recognize their efforts.”

“This is an unprecedented time, and while we can’t gather together to show our appreciation, we can do something from our own homes,” said O’Brien in the April 1 announcement. “Bang on a pan, ring a bell, blow a whistle, clap your hands, or give a big holler. Let’s show our support as loudly as we can!”

In case you missed, or if you’re just looking for a 10 minute soundscape to meditate to, here’s what Make Some Noise sounded like in the neighbourhood of South Devon. 

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