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Money Kid is the second single from Saint John rapper/producer Stephen Hero’s latest EP, Gold Collection, which was released in May.

Matt Carter

It wouldn’t be right for a month to pass by without hearing something new from Saint John rapper/producer Stephen Hero. 

Continuing the momentum of his latest release, Gold Collection – also his first self produced effort – Hero has released a video for the single, Money Kid, produced with longtime video collaborators Josh Hooper and Jordan Doucet. 

Blending stock footage of his beloved Saint John home with a range of live performance clips and others shot specifically for this project, Money Kid is pure Hero – a playful rant on class structure, poverty and the challenges facing the majority of the population. 

“I wanted to explore that struggle between wanting so bad to escape poverty and to celebrate that success, while also trying to stay true to that anti-capitalist radical shit that I care so deeply about,” said Hero. “At the end of the day, I’m always gonna be the same working class dude, but god it would be nice to not be stressed about money for five fucking minutes.”

Gold Collection was released May 13, 2022.


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