Vinyl Monday Offers More Than Just Music

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Guests explore personal connection to music with host Tim Rayne.

Instant-Breakfast-logo-2-800x618 copyIf you haven’t tuned in to Instant Breakfast’s Vinyl Monday on CHSR, you’re seriously missing out. This recent addition to the station’s Monday morning format has been helping to the take the edge out of Monday morning commutes for a past few weeks and judging by the show’s popularity, host Tim Rayne will continue to welcome guests and their vinyl collections into the booth for months to come.

“Vinyl Monday simply came from my love of the vinyl format,” said Rayne, who is also station manager at CHSR.  “The idea of bringing guests to host the segment was based on the idea of people sharing music. Music has always been a shared experience in my life. My music tastes have been cultivated and influenced by many great people over the years, so I thought it would be interesting to have guests come on and share their favourite music.”

In addition to the music, Rayne believes the stories people share about their connection to a particular song or band are just as valuable and important to share as the songs themselves.

“When people share personal stories about their connection to music, it somehow makes the music more accessible and interesting,” he said.  “It reminds me of the scene in the film High Fidelity where John Cusack is seen putting his albums in autobiographical order. He explains that the albums represent a certain place and time in his life. I believe music to be the soundtrack of our lives.”

“I have been lucky to have had some great guests already on the show.  Vinyl Monday has just started up recently so I’ve only had three guests. Rob Pinnock (Uncle Rob from the Fox) came on with a wealth of music history and personal connections to great Canadian bands. Chris Maclean (Mayors, On Vinyl) came on with sidekick Adam Guidry (Mayors, Hungy Hearts) and they both shared some hilarious stories and interesting sound bites on music that gets them going on a Monday morning.  And Matt Carter provided a captivating brief history of some local bands, past Fredericton music scenes, and some great bands like Nomeansno, who I knew were a highly influential band but I never really heard them before.  For me, I learn something new on every show and that in itself is the award. Playing vinyl is just icing on the cake.”

Upcoming guests on Instant Breakfast’s Vinyl Monday:

February 9: Brydon Crain (Motherhood)
February 16: Nick Cobham (Olympic Symphonium, Force Fields)
February 23: Mike Erb (Photo 506)
March 2: Crash (Capital FM)
March 9: Mike Nason (Young Satan in Love, The Trick)

And listen to Instant Breakfast, weekdays from 8:00am – 9:00am on CHSR 97.9FM

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