Video: Tooth & The Fang at Fest Forward

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Geoff Smith shares a new song from Tooth & The Fang, recorded during the 2019 Fest Forward emerging artist festival. 

Another edition of Fest Forward has come to a close. Each year the Fredericton-based artist development event walks emerging musicians through a series of workshops and performances aimed at providing a little exposure and a whole lot of education in hopes of demystifying many of the initial steps required towards building a career in the music industry. The event is organized and hosted annual by the Charlotte Street Arts Centre. 

Saint John musician Geoff Smith was one of this year’s showcasing artists. Smith, a member of the indie rock quartet Little You, Little Me, has been performing his own material for several years now under the name Tooth & The Fang. 

Last week, Fest Forward organizers shared a video of Smith performing his song, Sea, a track from his forthcoming album, Songs from the Broadview Wind Tunnel, currently slated for release in early 2020.

“The album is a mix of both acoustic tracks and full band arrangements,” said Smith. “Many collaborators were involved. Gavin Downes, Adam Kierstead, Pierre Cormier, Jason Ogden, Chris Braydon and others. It’s a lot of self recorded music where I’d play the bed tracks and have others add to it. There’s even a tape recording of me playing drums and singing at 22 months old. Basically, at best, it’s a collage of all the kinds of music I enjoy pasted together with Elmer’s school glue on bristol board.”

Driven by an alternating melody that inhales and exhales with a steady rhythm, Sea is a love song that reflects both the calculated breathing of a longing lover and the famous Fundy tides that border Smith’s hometown. 

“This song has been reworked structurally so much over the years and I’m not sure if I just gave up on it, but I was trying to get some kind of tidal pull from it,” he said.

Not familiar with Tooth & The Fang? Check out Smith’s last album, Void, Moving Without Having Moved

Video recorded by Jay Merrill at Marshall Studios

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