Video: Motherhood Share More from Sedalia

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Motherhood share another live video from last year’s Sedalia recording session. This time, it’s the “immensely-heavy”, Costanza.

Last month Motherhood released the four song live EP Live From Sedalia. The result of an unexpected invitation to spend a day recording at a secluded mountain studio in Sedalia, Colorado during one of the band’s 2019 U.S. tours, Live From Sedalia offers a taste of the band’s on stage intensity. This EP was released March 1 as a limited-edition VHS cassette as well as through the band’s Bandcamp page.

The session was also recorded for video and this week the band have released a second recording from this unique session. 

“In March 2019, we responded to a cold-call from a stranger in Colorado who wanted to record us. We knew very little about this person or their vibes, but we drove 30 mins from Denver to the mountainy village of Sedalia, CO,” the band says of the session. “There, we met Carmine, Xadie & the Frank Captures Magic crew, and ATV’d our gear into a wood cabin with a colourful history. We met wonderful folks & dogs and spent a day writing, recording, and hanging out with new friends.”

At a time when many of us are craving a live music experience, Costanza serves as a positive reminder of what’s to come….eventually. 


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