Video: Little More (Majestic J feat. IAM3AM)

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The latest single from Fredericton rapper Majestic J tackles love, mental illness and the need to move forward. 

Fredericton rapper Majestic J has released his first single of 2022. Little More, which features guest vocals from Atlanta musician IAM3AM shares the story of J’s personal journey over the past few years, seeking positivity and peace in his life. 

“This is a personal track from me and it’s about learning how to love through challenges, like dealing with a mental illness from picking up the pieces of my true self and God putting me back together,” said J. “From moving forward to making more out of my life and having an openness to begin a new chapter of my story.”

The video, released March 25, precedes the forthcoming digital release set to arrive on streaming platforms April 22. 

Majestic J | LINK TREE

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