Video: Dolls feat. DJ J-Demi (Sonic Detour)

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After cycling through an entire album’s worth of video releases, Sonic Detour continue to hold their feet to the fire releasing their first new single and video combo of 2022.

Has any New Brunswick band released as many videos as Sonic Detour have?

Since forming in 2019, Saint John’s Sonic Detour have managed the unthinkable. With live performances largely out of the question for much of the band’s existence, releasing videos became their primary means of audience connection. To support the release of their self-titled debut seven song EP, the band turned its attention to filming videos, eventually releasing a new video for every song on their debut and racking up over 100,000 combined views.

In advance of a new album expected later this year, Sonic Detour have shared their first single and video of 2022.  Dolls feat. DJ J-Demi follows the band’s familiar direction both sonically and visually, blending elements of nu metal and alt-rock with a touch of electronic tones c/o DJ J-Demi.

Also, shoutout to the filmmakers behind Dolls feat. DJ J-Demi for incorporating one of Saint John’s well known historical buildings – the six-unit apartment house at 111-113 King Street East – into the video’s storyline. Hoping that building will continue to stand for years to come.


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