Video: Bad News (Mike Trask)

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Mike Trask shares the latest single, Bad News, off his forthcoming album TV Dinner, expected to arrive this fall.

Matt Carter

Mike Trask’s latest single, Bad News, produced by Adam Mowery, delivers a fresh take on John D. Loudermilk’s novelty country song of the same name, later released by Johnny Cash. 

Everything Trask does carries with it a distinct atmosphere all its own. This time around, it’s his vocal delivery that steals the show, maxing out his full range with mic peaking intensity. And let’s not forget the band. Together with Mowery on bass and drummer Matt Gallant, this trio seems the perfect fit for delivering Trask’s unique take on this thing we call music.  

It almost seems criminal to tease this out, knowing we have to wait another four, five or six months for the full album to arrive. #cantwait

Listen to the original, released by Loudermilk in 1963.

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