Video: 2007 (Stephen Hero)

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Saint John Hip Hop artist Stephen Hero shares a new single from his recent EP, Patchwork.

Stephen Hero is one of Saint John’s best kept secrets. To say he keeps a low profile is a bit of an understatement. Hero emerges, on occasion, from a staggering mix of creative pursuits to share new music, the occasional performance and the odd video now and then. This is one of those times.

His latest video, the second off his December 2019 EP, Patchwork, is a DIY collage, filmed and edited by the artist.

With 2007, Hero sings about the freedom and optimism he’s found in the midst of the daily grind. Exchanging Hip Hop’s common references to excess and wealth for a realistic, real-world view of life, Hero’s latest single is a grounding work of contemporary urban New Brunswick poetry and a call for compassion and understanding – something we could all offer more of.

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