UNB Contemporary Music Festival is happening this weekend

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Curated by longtime UNB Musician-in-Residence Nadia Francavilla, the third annual UNB Contemporary Music Festival includes three performances in addition to virtual lectures from UNB’s Women in Music class, interactive post-show Q&A with the artists, and a panel discussion with invited guests.

Nadia Francavilla is the curator of the UNB Contemporary Music Festival.

The third installment of UNB’s Contemporary Music Festival is happening this weekend with a variety of events and performances taking place between Nov.5-7. This year’s three concerts feature new works by Hope Salmonson; a queer, trans composer and tubist based in Sackville, NB. Hope has composed two new works specifically for the festival, and will also be one of many featured performers in this year’s lineup. 

In addition to Salmonson’s new works, this year’s festival features compositions by Shulamit Ran, Monica Pearce, Kaija Saariaho, Ann Southam, Carmen Braden, Georgia Stitt, Courtney Bryan, and Ethel Smyth.

A complete program of events detailing composers, performers and events can be found HERE

In-person performance details can be found below.

Upcoming Performances:

Changing Light | Nov. 5 | 7:30 p.m. | Memorial Hall

Opening this year’s festival is the premiere of Hope Salmonson’s Constellation, a work performed by Nadia Francavilla and Carl Philippe Gionet, that was composed explicitly for the festival. In addition to this world premiere, Changing Light features performances by flutist Karin Aurell, and soprano Sally Dibblee.

Considerations | Nov. 6 | 7:30 p.m. | Memorial Hall

Ethyl Smyth’s violin sonata was composed in 1887, when she was only 29 years old. This piece marks the beginning of her career – one that continually presented her with uphill battles to have her work recognized, especially as an open lesbian at the turn of the 20th century. Despite this, Smyth had a remarkable path: she was heavily involved in the Women’s Suffrage Movement, and was the first female composer to be awarded a damehood by the British crown Considerations features performances by Nadia Francavilla, violin, Carl Philippe Gionet, piano, Karin Aurell, flute and Hope Salmonson, tuba.

Looking Forward | Nov. 7 | 7:30 p.m. | Memorial Hall

As a celebration of hope for the future, Looking Forward brings together the festival’s largest cast of musicians: Musician-in-Residence Nadia Francavilla shares the stage with members of the Atlantic Sinfonia Ensemble, Joel Cormier on percussion, Joel Miller on saxophone, Carl Philippe Gionet on piano, Richard Hornsby on clarinet and Hope Salmonson on Euphonium.


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