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Connexion ARC presents Richard Layzell’s ‘The Naming’ at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre, May 31 at 5:30 p.m.

The Naming is a major new work by UK-based performance artist, Richard Layzell, that challenges categorization and conventions in contemporary art practice and in ecology.

This ambitious project draws on Layzell’s previous experience in galleries, the art industry and his extensive work with communities to question evolved norms and perceived boundaries in: institutions, galleries, installations, performances, artist residencies, socially engaged practices, and public spaces.

Ecologically, the focus is on questioning how species and geographies are named. Naming is a process that reinforces anthropomorphism, cultural stereotyping and the global dominance of the English language; along with the manipulation and psychic distancing of the natural world through advertising and big-budget Hollywood animated movies.

During Richard’s award-winning seven-year residency at AIT software company, where he had the invented job title of Visionaire, he repeatedly demonstrated how important it is to recognise, challenge and shift perceived boundaries.

The Naming is about exploring transgression and developing enhanced states from which a person can move freely between mindsets and behaviours. Richard will also work on the emergence of a new persona, Kino Paxton, who embodies this freedom and flexibility with unpredictable, wry and challenging opinions and behaviours. Richard’s previous persona, Bailey Savage, represented the ugliness of Thatcherite Britain, Kino Paxton will be a persona for the times we live in.

Experience The Naming by Richard Layzell, presented by Connexion ARC this Thursday May 31, 2018 at The Charlotte Street Arts Centre (Auditorium). Please arrive by 5:30pm. 

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