Two New Exhibitions Open Friday at Gallery 78

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October brings exquisite watercolours and captivating landscapes to Gallery 78 with works by Cathy Ross and James Wilson. 

Ocean Journal by Cathy Ross | watercolour/aquarelle | framed | Size: 19 x 26.5 in. | Sold

These days Saint John native Cathy Ross splits her time between Waterloo, ON and Saint Andrews, NB. Her upcoming exhibition Ocean Journal and Recent Work is the first of two opening this week at Gallery 78. 

“Over the years, I have been lucky enough to have a studio space on Ministers Island where Sir William Van Horne had his summer home,” said Ross. “Despite being on an island, I am still able to bike back and forth by following the tides. During these journeys to and from the studio, I wanted to record what was revealed each day as the ocean receded; the resulting painting was Ocean Journal. I also returned to some of my favourite subjects: fish, fruit, and flowers for this exhibition.” 

Ross’ exhibition will be complemented by James Wilson’s Etheral Landscapes, a collection of large format photographic prints that blend stunning natural colours with emotive imagery captured through various seasons. 

“Through my long-time practice of taking landscape photographs, there has always been an evolution to my vision, my art, and my experiences,” said Ross. “In this body of work, I am compelled to see not just the large landscape, but to explore the subtleties in nature. This shift in my art looks more at the delicate beauty that is often overlooked. Tree tops peering out of golden mists or a single herring gull gliding by the sunbeams dancing on the seascape.”

Cathy Ross’ Ocean Journal and Recent Works and James Wilson’s Etheral Landscapes are now on display online at Both exhibitions will open to the public this Friday with a reception running from 5-7 p.m.

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