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Mike Trask and Josh Bravener Play The Capital Complex this Friday.




The Capital Complex welcomes two East Coast troubadours with their respected entourages to the stage this weekend. Halifax’s Mike Trask and the Precious Memories join Fredericton’s Josh Bravener and the Hypochondriacs for an exciting Friday night double-header.

“Fredericton has always showed great support for The Precious Memories,” said Trask, “and we love to play at The Capital.  It’s got a great vibe on stage. A few members of the band have lived in Fredericton off and on too, so it’s a sort of a homecoming. Like all towns, Freddy has a unique vibe when you get to it.  Some of our closest friends are there and it is always fun returning.”

Trask and Co. recently released a new track as a digital download, with a cassette single in the works.  Sadie, the first new recording from the band since 2013’s One Big Happy Family, marks the band’s first recording with notable Halifax engineer, Charles Austin.

“Our new track, Sadie, is not so much a hint at the new record,” said Trask.  “We are releasing it on cassette which is my favourite medium for listening to music.  My car is full of cassettes, so I wanted to release on cassette. That’s where it all started. Also, the idea was to spend a lot more time on the single in the studio, really pushing the limits of myself as a producer and of the studio where we record. Sadie alone cost more money to record than the whole last Precious Memories album, and took six months to finish. It was a great experience to work on a song in that style, spending the money we needed to, to get it right.  Precious Memories are planning another record, but not in the nearest future.”

Josh Bravener and the Hypocondriacs are also working on some new music.

“Musically, I have been writing a lot,” said Bravener.  “When I released my EP it was very slow and folky, which I love, but I wanted to try and beef up the set. Ditch the acoustic instruments and add electric instruments. Everything now is a bit louder, faster and with some rippin’ sax solos!”

As for the weekend ahead, Bravener is excited to share the evening with his Halifax friends.

“I saw The Precious Memories play last year and my mind was blown,” he said.  “The reason I think I loved them so much, aside from their talent, was I heard a lot of inspiration in their music that I find for mine – classic country, early rock n’ roll, rockabilly etc. Both of us try to pay a certain level of respect to that classic sound and that’s why I think the two of us will work well together.”

Fans of Bravener can expect new music in the coming year. He recently launched a fundraising campaign in support of his first full-band recording.

Mike Trask and the Precious Memories & Josh Bravener and the Hypochondriacs | The Capital Complex | December 5, 2014 | 10:30pm | $5

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