Two Bands – Two Shows – This Friday

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The High Tide (Cape Breton) and Older Siblings (London, ON) will play an all-ages show at Monarch Night Club followed by a 19+ show at Broken Record Bar and Music Room this Friday. 

The High Tide (Cape Breton) join London, ON’s Older Siblings for a pair off shows this Friday. Photo:

It’s not often we see bands playing an all-ages show and a bar show on the same night, understandably. But it’s happening this Friday. 

The Monarch Night Club and the Broken Record Bar and Music Room will both host performances by two touring bands arriving on Queen Street from opposite ends of the country. 

Cape Breton’s The High Tide released their debut album, The Value of the Well… back in 2014. It’s still the only album the band have shared, yet they have continued to mix the sounds of indie rock and melodic punk with a touch of homegrown folk thrown in for good measure ever since. They are from Cape Breton after all. No fiddles though. Just varying degrees of rock and roll. 

And coming from Ontario, Older Siblings are a garage rock duo self-described as “sibling basement rock”. Kait Roses and Rye Bread play loud, loose and noisy. The kind of music that would make your parents say, “turn that garbage off.” The perfect soundtrack for a Friday all-ager rager. 

The High Tide + Older Siblings | Monarch Night Club | June 24 | 5 p.m. | Pay What You Can

The High Tide + Older Siblings | Broken Record Bar & Music Room | June 24 | 10 p.m. 

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