TWIN’s Saint John River Tour Now Underway

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Winnipeg folk duo touring New Brunswick via Saint John River, playing Living Roots Music Festival May 24-26.

Holy MacPhee 

Winnipeg’s hypno-folk harbingers TWIN are visiting New Brunswick this week as part of the Living Roots Music Festival’s 2018 lineup. The duo of David Fort (guitar/vocals) and Brooklyn Samson (banjo/violin) began their Saint John River tour in Woodstock on May 22 with a performance at the Creek Village Gallery and Café paddling down river in a canoe for shows in Nackawic and Fredericton in support of their new album, We Rise and Dance, We Sleep and Dream.

Living Roots festival founder Eddie Young invited the group to play this year’s festival during an east coast tour in 2017.

“During our show at Grimross Brewery last year, Eddie asked us to play the Living Roots Music Festival the following May,” said TWIN’s David Fort.  “We didn’t even question it. That led to us structure this eastern tour. We also wanted to release the album in time so it really helped us get our butts in gear!” 

With the exception of just a few tracks, the group’s new album was recorded using a handheld recorder with tracks captured indoors and outdoors.  

“This is our most exciting and diverse album,” said Fort. “The whole album was tracked on a Zoom H1 recorder and we had really, really good results acoustically with a lot of experimenting with indoor and outdoor settings.”

We Rise and Dance, We Sleep and Dream is the third album from TWIN and was released April 27, 2018.

Over the past nine years, the pair have completed several tours via river and canoe with jaunts down the Assiniboine, Mississippi, Sacramento, Saskatchewan and Los Angeles Rivers. The group’s current tour will be their first along the Saint John River.

“We’re looking forward to drawing positive attention to that amazing watershed that captivated us the last few years in Fredericton,” said Fort.  

Upcoming Performances:

May 23 | Nackawic, NB
May 24-26 | Living Roots Music Festival 


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