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Windsor, ON hardcore punks touring the East Coast in April with shows in Moncton and Fredericton. 

Windsor, Ontario’s Brain Itch will be passing through the province on their upcoming East Coast tour with dates in Moncton and Fredericton.

Brain Itch is Matty Menard (Guitar/Vocals), Steve Istl (Drums), Mattu Fynleitr (Bass), three veteran musicians from the Windsor area punk scene. The band released their debut five-track EP Public Ritual last fall and are heading out in support of a brand new EP, Leave The Fold, released in February of this year.

According to Menard, the idea of releasing an EP along with a tour has been part of the Brain Itch plan from the get-go.  

“At the moment putting out EP’s is based on convenience mostly,” said Menard, “but I kind of like the obscurity that random little releases tend to have. We’ve also had this tape/tour combo idea probably since the beginning of the band so that’s how this one worked out. It takes a while to get everything together when its 100% DIY. Steve wants to put out an LP next, but we’ll see.”

This trip east will be a first for the group, although the members have each toured to the Atlantic coast with other bands they’ve played with.

“Steve has toured the East Coast several times supporting Toronto’s IDNS playing drums and with his other band Uncle Ray,” said Menard.  “I went out to Halifax in 2011 playing drums for the beginnings of Paul Jacobs’ musical career and spent four days skating The Commons. We played Rockin’ for Dollars and a show at Gus’s Pub.”

Brain Itch plan to cover a lot of ground in 2018. Following this eight date tour that will see the band performing in Nova Scotia, PEI, New Brunswick and Quebec before getting back to Ontario, the band hopes to continue on through other parts of Canada and the US later this year.

“We’re excited to come to New Brunswick this time and play Maniac Mansion,” said Menard. “The East Coast is a great place for us to start this tour and we wanted to meet up with some friends on the way back down to Windsor. After that I believe the focus will be mainly on America and the Mid-West for starters, possibly in the fall of 2018.”

Tour Dates: 

April 7th – Moncton, NB – Claude’s House W/ Leather Jackal
April 8th – Halifax, NS (Matinee) – Radstorm W/ Wilma
April 8th – Halifax, NS – Menz & Mollyz Bar W/ Fragment, Desperate Times, Crotchrot
April 9th – Charlottetown, PEI – Baba’s Lounge W/ Wroth, Goober, Fshkll
April 10th – Fredericton, NB – Maniac Mansion W/Scumlord 
April 11th – Montreal, QC – Traxide W/FEED + More 
April 12th – TBA
April 13th – Toronto, ON – Faith/Void

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