Three New Exhibits on Display at Gallery 78

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Jewelry artist Anja Šućura’s awe inspiring creations are paired with a range of work by multidisciplinary artist Ann Manuel as part of Gallery 78’s December exhibition. 

My Perfect Home by Ann Manuel.

Ann Manuel’s latest exhibition of work, Sanctuary, is a conceptual and immersive experience that explores themes of sanctuary and preservation. 

“I am continually in awe of how all our life processes are mirrored in nature,” said Manuel. “For the past five years I have been working with the concept of Sanctuary using drawing, printmaking, painting and installation. Born and raised in Newfoundland and Labrador, I bring the same sense of community I grew up with to the images exploring relationships, identity and change using nature’s traditional sanctuaries.”

Coming from three years of intense college experience focused on executing complex conceptual projects, Anja Šućura’s new work is a purification of thought and form, a return to the basics. Pearls are symbolic of wisdom gained though experience and have been one of the staples in her artistic practice and the main source of inspiration for hew new body of work.

“These works are imagined as a capsule collection consisting of elegant, versatile, and timeless pieces,” said Šućura. “The crisp lines of geometric silver frames paired with lustrous freshwater pearls give an edge to a traditionally feminine look. The variety in finishes, colours, and shapes gives the option of mixing and matching, stacking or just sticking to that one special piece. Subtle yet eye-catching, these body adornments were made to be worn in any and all occasions, as delicate or as bold as you wish them to be.”

Rounding out this month’s exhibition series, the Gallery’s holiday showcase – Christmas Choice. Ring in the holiday season with this annual exhibition which celebrates the joys of this time of year in the form of paintings, ceramics, and textile art. Take the stress and bustling crowds out of your Christmas shopping routine this year, and shop downtown! At Gallery 78, you’ll enjoy a peaceful atmosphere, coffee, excellent one-of-a-kind artworks, and complimentary Christmas gift wrap.

Learn more by visiting or better yet, stop by the Gallery at 796 Queen Street and experience all these works in person. 

Tri Bar Earings by Anja Šućura.
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