The Capital Project – Week Six

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This week’s episodes from The Capital Project featured interviews and performances with Grand Theft Bus and Wicked Vices, as well as a special look at the origins of Folly Fest.

Spotlight Series – Grand Theft Bus

This week began with a Spotlight Series video focusing on Fredericton’s longrunning jam, rock, improvisors Grand Theft Bus. Mixing live footage from the band recorded specifically for The Capital Project, and interviews with Stephen Lewis and Brad Perry, this installment offers a window into the group’s legacy as a national touring act and the lasting impression Grand Theft Bus continue to leave on the local scene. 

Perry speaks about joining the band and how he found his place among a quartet of musicians who share an admirable group awareness when it comes to performing live. 

The Music Biz – Folly Fest Pt. 1

Just in time for Folly Fest 2019, The Capital Project roll out the first video in this new series, and one that focuses on the origins of this popular summer festival. Meet the Folly Family.  You can actually hear the live in their voices as they explain what Folly Fest means to them.

Spotlight Series – Wicked Vices 

Wicked Vices share a performance recorded live at Grimross Brewing and chat about why playing music is important to them. 

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