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Listen to the latest album from Brookside Mall ahead of its June 29 release.

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One of the best parts of growing up in a small town is getting to see bands come together and grow over time. Fredericton is great for this. There are a lot of bands and musicians doing great things here and due to the limited number of available stages, we get to witness the development of our local acts in a way larger centres simply can’t offer. Brookside Mall is a great example.

Since first emerging as a duo in 2015, founding members Brendan MaGee (vocals/keys) and Josh Steeves (drums) have made evolution a key part of what the band is all about. Shortly after the release of their debut Young Champion (2016), bassist Dylan Ward joined the band and things have continued to grow since then.

Largely centered around MaGee’s mix of nostalgic, emotionally charged lyrics (paired with equally moving vocal performances), the band’s arrangements are broader and more adventurous with each new release.

The group’s latest release, a self-titled eight track collection, finds Brookside Mall delving deeper into rock territory while at the same time holding on to the trio’s patented full-body-wash of melancholy pop. On this release, new sounds and new ideas stand at the forefront, again.

Have a listen and catch the group on tour later this week. Brookside Mall’s S/T album will be officially released June 29 via Front Porch Records. Watch for it.

Upcoming Dates:

June 29 | Pressed café | Ottawa, ON
June 30 | Duffy’s Tavern | Toronto, ON
July 1 | La Vitrola | Montreal, QC

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