Steve Poltz plays Fredericton June 14 & 15

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Acclaimed storyteller and musician Steve Poltz will perform as part of the Music Runs Through It concert series this June.


It’s starting to look like smaller is better. At least where acoustic music is concerned. This week Fredericton’s Music Runs Through It concert series announced Steve Poltz will take the stage at Corked Wine Bar for what will surely be a memorable performance for the 50-odd folk fans fortunate enough to score a ticket.

Poltz last performed in Fredericton during the 2014 Shivering Songs Festival where he hosted one of the most unforgettable Songwriters & Storytellers events, performing alongside Thom Swift, Jennah Barry, Dave Bidini and Marc Bragdon.

Born in Halifax and raised in California, Poltz’ has garnered a reputation among folk circles as one of the most talented and prolific songwriters of our time whose ability to blend incredible wit with meaningful songwriting exists on par with the likes of Roger Miller and John Prine.

Poltz will also perform at Lansdowe House Concerts the following night. In total, there will be less than 100 tickets available between these two shows.

An opportunity to see a performer like Poltz perform in cozy listening room atmosphere stands to be equally memorable for any modern folk fan who misses out, as they will surely be a much talked about performances for years to come.

Steve Poltz | Wednesday, June 14, 2017 | Corked Wine Bar, Fredericton | 8 p.m.| Tickets $25 at Tony’s Music Box and Corked Wine Bar. | View Event 

Steve Poltz | Thursday, June 15, 2017 | Lansdowne House Concerts, Fredericton | 8 p.m.| Tickets $25 per person (payable in cash or cheque at the door). RESERVATIONS (Space is limited) E-mail: or telephone 457-0826

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