Stephen Hero channels Kendrick Lamar…sort of

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Hero’s latest video release features the Saint John rapper throwing down on a beat from Lamar’s 2022 album. 

Stephen Hero is relentless. Always creating. Always challenging himself. And always entertaining us in the process. What’s even more impressive is how he improves with each new release. If you follow his lyrics and cadence you can actually hear – almost in real time – how his songwriting gets deeper every time he lays down a verse. You can’t say that about most musicians, regardless of their chosen genre. 

On his latest single Silent Hill Remix, Hero tries his hand at a Kendrick Lamar beat and clearly makes it his own. 

If it was 1988, Hero would be known nationally. But in today’s industry, he’s got to settle for local notoriety and a fan base that grows one by one. He’s in it for the long haul though. And so far it’s been an exciting and rewarding ride for listeners. He’s just getting started. 


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