Stand Up For Rebels

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An evening of comedy, drag and community happens July 14 at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre.

Matt Carter

The Charlotte Street Arts Centre will play host to an inclusive evening of comedy on Saturday July 14 as Rebel Femme Productions present their first Stand Up For Rebels event, featuring local comedians and improv artists.

RFP founder Kaitlyn Adair decided to put this event on as a way to bring the community together for an evening of fun and laughter while also raising awareness and support for both RFP and Fredericton’s Clinic 554.

“I really wanted to provide the community with an evening of entertainment that was respectful to women and the LGBTQ2S+ communities,” said Adair. “I was tired of going to events and being so offended by all the jokes about sexual assault that I couldn’t enjoy the things I loved. Comedy brings people together and we wanted to bring the community into all the challenges that Clinic 554 is facing because of the current [health care] system in New Brunswick. We wanted entertainers who embodied our values while sharing a great night with our community.”

Clinic 554 is a patient-driven community health clinic offering “feminist, trauma-informed, harm reduction, and anti-racist practices” in a professional health clinic environment.

Rebel Femme Productions is a Fredericton-based film production company founded by Adair with the aim to promote inclusivity in film while focusing on feminist based projects. Adair’s first project, March 2.4, focuses on the relationship of PTSD and sexual assault as told from the survivor’s perspective. The film has been accepted for a residency at the Banff Centre beginning July 21. A portion of the proceeds from Stand Up For Rebels will help support this project.

Stand Up For Rebels will be hosted Adair and Clinic 554 manager Valerie Edleman and will feature stand up performances by several local comedians including Nat Armstrong, Shand, Sabrina Harnish, Mary Green, Prajina Market, Caitlin Leonard with an improv performance by members of Fredericton’s Hot Garbage Players.

The evening will also include a drag show featuring Freeda Whales, Heather Silk, Barb Wire, Aqua D*ck, Porcelain Barbie, Judas and Succubus.

“I think that comedy and drag already pair so well together that it’s the perfect balance,” said Adair.  “Some people love stand up, for others it’s all about the improv, and then there will be those that only come for the drag performance. There is something for everyone to enjoy and come together as a group of rebellious humans who support these important organizations.”

Stand Up For Rebels | Saturday July 14 | Charlotte Street Arts Centre | View Event


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