Sound Decisions: The Weekend’s Best Live Music

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sound decisions11This week we turn out attention to a wide range of weekend sounds, including a unique show at the Fredericton Playhouse, a funk party at The Capital and a much anticipated album release show at Wilser’s Room.

There’s always a lot happening on the weekends and we feel it’s important to remind you that this regular Grid City Magazine feature simply consists of our picks for weekend music. A helping hand, if you will. A guide through the fog of event invites, posters and “Hey, you should check this out” comments. But we’re not complaining. Not one bit. Part of what makes this city so great is the amount of fantastic events that happen all the time – every week – every day.


We thought we’d toss a curveball into the mix by recommending Tom Allen’s The Judgment of Paris for your Thursday night pleasure. And it’s not the fact that it’s only one of a few performances we have recommended in Sound Decisions that takes place outside of the usual bars and all-ages arenas that makes this a curveball, but the show itself seems, well…just really interesting. Part cabaret, part history, part storytelling, it certainly sounds like one of the most engaging performances happening this Thursday.

Tom Allen’s The Judgment of Paris | The Fredericton Playhouse | November 19, 2015 | 7:30 p.m. | Buy Tickets



A four-piece funk experiment from Toronto, Ontario, After Funk on name alone just sound like a good time. Since releasing their debut EP last year, the band has put in a lot of miles, hitting up every stage that will have them. They made a strong impression on this year’s Folly Fest stage and loved it out this way so much they couldn’t wait until next year to get back east (or at least that’s what we can tell ourselves). You can check out their EP for free to by visiting

After Funk+ Jacob Stang & The High Class Hussies | The Capital Complex | November 20, 2015 | 10:30 p.m. | $10



Hum & Hollow release their debut recording with a special performance at Wilser’s Room.

“We are super excited that the album is finished,” said Burns. “It feels good to know that we made the decision to do this together and by ourselves. When we opened the box of CD’s it felt extremely good to see all our work done and sitting in our hands. The writing the recording and the artwork for the album was all done my both Alex and I. We dedicated it to all independent artists, to which we know a lot.” Read full article…

Hum & Hollow | Wilser’s Room | November 21, 2015 | Doors at 7 | Show at 8


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