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In the lead-up to the release of their debut album, Fredericton quartet My Black Ram have launched a video series exploring the writing behind each track on the album.  

Matt Carter


My Black Ram is a serious band, but not too serious. Seriously. 

As the group gear up to release their self-titled debut with a hometown show on November 23, the four members of My Black Ram have been having a little fun walking listeners and friends through each of the album’s nine tracks.  

Last week the band launched a song by song video series exploring the album. Beginning with the first track, Golden Era, which is also the album’s first single, Mike Hatheway, John Heinstein, Peter Hicks and Jason Sonier explain everything from the song’s origins to how the arrangement came together – all told through a montage of laptop and mobile phone videos with a few extra bits of low budget fun.

“Each video is an under 5 minute discussion about each song on our upcoming album, the inspiration behind the songs, how they were constructed and some other interesting tidbits,” said Heinstein, who describes the series’ format as, “sort of a blend of Rick Beato’s What Makes This Song Great and Spinal Tap.” 

If you’re curious and want to learn more about the band and their music, this ongoing series is a great place to start. But also, as a fan of music, Song by Song offers an interesting look at how songs are made and how an idea can grow to become something all its own.

My Black Ram by My Black Ram comes out November 15. Follow the group on Facebook to keep up to date with the series.

Upcoming Performances:

My Black Ram + Graeme Kennedy | Nov. 23 | The Capital | Fredericton, NB | View Event 

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