Sluice Share New Video Ahead of Moncton Show

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Agit comme du monde arrives in advance of Sluice’s sophomore LP, Archiviste, and a show at Moncton’s Xeroz Arcade/Bar on November 23.

Matt Carter 

Acadian powerpop band Sluice offers a glimpse towards its forthcoming sophomore album Archiviste with the release of the new single, Agit comme du monde.

“At its core, Agit comme du monde is a song about rebels – misunderstood youth who are looking for their identity in a place that is not ready to accept them as they are,” said Sluice’s Trevor Murphy. “It’s an anthem for the boys who wanted to wear dresses after seeing Nirvana videos, for those who went hunting for retro clothes at Frenchy’s to stand out in the hallways of their high school, and for the wallflowers who have never been able to find their place where they wanted it most.”

The band describe Archiviste as “a history lesson, a love letter to home, and a fist-pumping 10-track album offering up the most fun you could possibly have learning about niche Nova Scotian Acadian history while soaking in your 1990s nostalgia.”

Archiviste arrives November 3 via Acadian Embassy.

Upcoming Performances:

October 12 | Paris Music Factory | Paris, FR
November 4 | Rodd Grand Ballroom | Yarmouth, NS
November 11 | Bar L’Esco | Montréal, QC
November 23 | Xeroz Arcade/Bar | Moncton, NB

Band photo by Matt Horseman.

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