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‘Transformation’ runs March 15 to May 5 at the AX Arts and Culture Centre of Sussex, NB.

The SilverFish Photography Collective’s latest exhibition is now on display at Sussex’ AX Arts and Culture Centre. Transformation includes the work of 14 photographers.

In the digital age there are many ways to transform imagery. We record, add to, layer images on images to combine them to make new statements; we can erase parts of images, and add completely different images to make new statements: the possibilities are endless. 

In this show, a very eclectic group of photographers take their individual visions and present them to you in diverse ways that speak to the very essence of transformation. We share our fascination for the magical medium of photography with you by showing you our particular visions.

Participating artists include Peter Bjerkelund, Rob Blanchard, Jeff Crawford, Oliver Flecknell, Burton Glendenning, Peter Gross, Mike Meade, Lori Quick, Denise Rowe, Karen Ruet, Roger Smith, Mandy Wright and guest artists Beth Powning and Peter Powning.

Transformation | AX Arts and Cultural Centre of Sussex | March 15 – May 5

The SilverFish Photography Collective emerged from a desire to continue a conversation about photography that started at The New Brunswick College of Craft and Design in the mid to late 1990s. The students who studied in the program formed a special bond fueled by their mutual enthusiasm for photography, its history, its production, and for critiquing the work they were creating.


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