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A quick look at Shivering Songs events for today, January 26.

The Good Lovelies play Wilmot United Church tonight along with special guest The Hypochondriacs (trio)

Today is the busiest day for Shivering Songs with events happening across the downtown district at the Boyce Farmer’s Market, the Capital Complex, Charlotte Street Arts Centre, Carleton Street Pavilion, Officer’s Square, Wilmot United Church and more.   


Herman + The Calithumpians at Wilmot United Church

The Calithumpians will be joining children’s author Paul McAllister for some Herman-related hijinx in The Wilmot United Church!

Herman + The Calithumpians | Wilmot United Church | Doors at 11. Show at 11:30 a.m. | Free


Handmade Market at Wilmot United Church

A chance for painters, illustrators, potters, knitters, zinesters and other creative types to show what they do, and sell their wares.

Handmade Market | Wilmot United Church | Doors at 10 a.m. Ends at 3 p.m. | Free


Cello Flow – A Yoga & Music Event

Join this special class for a flow yoga practice set to the evocative sounds of the cello and violin.  Journey through sound as you move and breathe your body through a series of flowing postures to deep rest. Space is limited!

Cello Flow – A Yoga & Music Event | Grow Yoga Studio | 2 p.m.


Songwriters & Storytellers with host Andrew Sisk at Wilmot United Church

The annual Songwriters & Storytellers afternoon, hosted by Andrew Sisk and includes special guests Garrett Mason, Denmother, Catherine Kennedy and more.

Songwriters & Storytellers | Wilmot United Church | Doors at 1. Show at 2 p.m. | Buy Tickets 


Shiver Outdoors Stage at Carleton Street Pavilion

Shivering Songs invite you to join them at the Carleton Street Outdoor Stage this Saturday for performance by Hot Garbage Players, Fredericton Fire Spinners and more. In the event of bad weather, the show will move indoors to the Fredericton Public Library. Graystone Brewing beer tent, hot cider, bonfires and Food Truck onsite!

Carleton Street Pavilion | 4-7 p.m. | Free


Penny Blacks at Officer’s Square

Long Lights is the sophomore album by Saint John, New Brunswick’s Penny Blacks. Sometimes idling and posing the questions, other times revving the engine, the album is ready to run the lights and damn the consequences.

By The Fire with Penny Blacks | Officer’s Square | 6 p.m. | Free


Beverly Glenn Copeland (Performance and Artist Talk) + DenMother

Since his debut album in 1970, Beverly Glenn Copeland has been a creative force that continues to move and inspire. With the recent reissue of rare, critically acclaimed album 1986s Keyboard Fantasies, more people are finally discovering his genius. Copeland’s inimitable style is both peaceful and meditative, while his live show is a deeply captivating and organic experience, full of deep grooves. In addition to a full band performance, Beverly Glenn-Copeland will also conduct an artist talk as part of Shivering Songs.

DenMother is the solo music project of Canadian introvert Sabarah Pilon. Originally from Ontario, she began experimenting with “electronic” music in her tiny bedroom, while living in Antigonish in 2010. After moving back to Toronto, DenMother was conceived in 2011. Never quite belonging to the busy city, a much needed hiatus and dramatic life overhaul has led DenMother to Fredericton NB. 2016 saw the self released digital album, Blood: a memoir; a raw and honest reflection of the final stages of a life spiralling out of control. Her most recent release, Now It All Comes(2018), begins to chronicle the resurfacing of long lost repressed memories and emotions.

Beverly Glenn Copeland + DenMother | Beaverbrook Art Gallery | Doors at 6. Show at 7 p.m. | Buy Tickets


The Good Lovelies + The Hypochondriacs Trio

You hear it a lot these days – the idea that something is greater than the sum of its parts – and yet there’s really no better way to describe the musical essence of the Good Lovelies. Kerri Ough, Sue Passmore, and Caroline Brooks – immensely talented vocalists and songwriters in their own right; however, it’s their voices interwoven in harmony – powerful and pure, organic and inspiring – that elevates the Good Lovelies from impressive to peerless.

Tip-toeing into the crypt of traditional country music, the Hypochondriacs ransacked it for treasures and escaped with a surprisingly fresh take on the genre. The forlorn, emotional balladry of legends like George Jones and Hank Williams, the manic high-energy stage show of early Memphis rockabilly, the sweet sugariness of ‘50 doo-wop, and the grit of modern “cow-punk” all blend together in a unique take on heartbreak, elation, and everything in-between.

The Good Lovelies + The Hypochondriacs Trio | Wilmot Unitec Church | Doors at 7. Show at 8 p.m. | Buy Tickets


Garrett Mason + Keith Hallett

Raised in Truro, Nova Scotia by his mother and legendary father, Dutch, Garrett Mason has grown into one of the deadliest blues players on the map. Debut album I’m Just a Man won the Juno for Best Blues Album, and he’s been nominated for Maple Blues Awards almost every year since, winning many. Widely regarded as one of the East Coast’s most talented bluesmen, the straight-up truth is that he’s actually one of North America’s most talented players.

Having seemingly evaporated from a pre-war era rocking chair overlooking the Mississippi and reappeared in modern day Fredericton, New Brunswick, Keith Hallett is one of the city’s most timeless treasures & time travellers. Drawing influence from Delta blues, honky-tonk, and traditional Country & Western, Keith evokes deep nostalgia for bygone eras while illustrating the relevance of truths that never fade.

Garrett Mason + Keith Hallett | Charlotte Street Arts Centre | Doors at 8. Show at 9 p.m. | SOLD OUT


Dan Mangan + Matt Holubowski

Dan Mangan is a two-time JUNO award-winning & two-time Polaris Music Prize listed musician and songwriter.

2018 brings Dan’s 5th full length More or Less, an album about witnessing birth, and in some ways rebirth. It’s about feeling disconnected from a popular identity and becoming acclimated to a new one. It’s about raising kids in a turbulent world. It’s about unanswerable questions and kindness and friendship and fear. Produced by Grammy Award winning producer Drew Brown (Radiohead, Beck, Blonde Redhead, Charlotte Gainsbourg) and Simone Felice (The Lumineers, Bat For Lashes), More or Less features singles “Troubled Mind”, “Fool For Waiting” and “Just Fear”.

Born to a Polish father and a Quebecer mother, Matt Holubowski grew up in Hudson, a bucolic village west of Montreal.

It wasn’t until he was 17 that he decided to pick up the guitar, in part out of admiration for his cousin, also a musician. His first influences were much heavier (Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, Disturbed), which led to him joining a punk band in CEGEP as a guitarist. At that point, he still didn’t have much of an interest in singing.

In 2008, he discovers Elliott Smith, an artist that would become a revelation for Matt, who days later quits his band, sheds the electric and picks up his first acoustic guitar. So begins a transition into the soothing world of folk that would also ultimately lead to finding his voice.

Dan Mangan + Matt Holubowski | Boyce Farmer’s Market | Doors 8:30. Show at 9:30 p.m. | SOLD OUT


Shivering Songs at The Capital

Enjoy performances on both floors by Catherine Kennedy, For Esme, Common Holly, Bleum, Cam MacLean, Corridor and Mauno.

Shivering Songs at The Capital | Doors at 9:00. Show at 10 p.m. | $10

Full festival details can be found at

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