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The third installment in this popular discussion series takes place this week.

10155633_761538497288847_489598655927929900_nThis week, the Shifty Bits Cult, Feels Good and Connexion ARC host their third Open Arts Gathering, an ongoing series of public discussions that have become a major catalyst for creative, community based thinking within the city of Fredericton.

The series began in February of this year and drew an initial crowd of approximately 40 arts-minded individuals. The second meeting drew nearly twice as many people to continue discussing the all-encompassing topic: How can we collaborate to better promote and support the Fredericton arts/music scene?

For the third meeting, the organizers plan to take a different approach.

“We’re going to change the format a little this time to really let people discuss whatever they want to talk about,” said Shifty Bits’ Penelope Stevens. “Instead of bringing an agenda, we’re going to let everyone decide what they want to discuss and then split off into smaller discussion groups.”

This format follows a similar theme used to structure the first meeting, where those in attendance where encouraged to share issues and topics they believed to be of importance to the health of the music and arts communities.

The group hopes to broaden the range of discussion this time around.

“It will be a little bit different this time,” said Stevens. “For the first meeting there was a lot of discussion centered around the music scene, but that’s not necessarily what everyone wants to talk about. We’re going to see what people are interested in, have some small discussions and then regroup.”

A few topics expected to come up on the agenda this time around include the recent (and hugely successful) Fredericton Swingers Club Showcase as well as the Shifty Bits Phone Book, a project that was conceived during the second meeting as a proposed resource guide for city artists and musicians interested in lending their skills and abilities in support of future projects.

“This meeting is all about exploring new ideas.”

The event is open to everyone. Bring your ideas and your good vibes.

Open Arts Gathering | Charlotte Street Arts Centre | September 22, 2015 | 6:00pm | View Event

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