SHIFTWORK – Sketch Wall

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4Panel Allee Omu2


When did I take those pills?

Where did I put the list?

What’s our postal code?

Have I eaten today?

Have I showered today?

Have you seen my keys?



What’s her name?

Where was I heading, all those years ago,

when I rolled through your bed

of wildflowers? And,

who was I, so young and wise

to stop and let my tracks grow over?

– Graeme Kennedy

work by  Allee Omu | response by Graeme Kennedy

Using four panels and a call-and-response format, Sketch Wall features works by members of SHIFTWORK, a Fredericton-based artist collective.

SHIFTWORK’s upcoming art exhibition “Shift, Work, Repeat.” will be open for 24 hours, starting at 7:00pm on Friday, March 3 in the SHIFTWORK Studio, located at 384 Queen Street, third floor. All are welcome.


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