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Saint John trio share a live track from their Quality Block Party performance.

Drive is the latest track released by the Saint John trio, Sheik. The recording was taken from their recent live set at Yuk Yuk’s during Quality Block Party.

According to guitarist Colin Ferris, Drive represents a different side of the band’s repertoire. Clocking in at almost 12 minutes in length, the track is nearly three times the length of the longest track on the band’s debut, Go Away From Yourself.

“This song is important to us because it continues to show what our musical interests are and how we want to represent them,” said Ferris. “We’ve had this song since the beginning of Sheik, but we knew it was different enough to be it’s own thing, so we focused on our first EP and saved this until now.”

Sheik released their debut Go Away From Yourself in September 2016 on vinyl, cassette and as a digital download.

Go Away From Yourself was the start of the band,” said Ferris. “Lorne [Kirkpatrick] and I wrote the songs. This song is a perfect representation of what Will [Savage] joining the band brought to the overall sound. When he and Lorne lock in on these grooves, it gives me a lot of freedom to experiment with riffs and sounds.”

Sheik have plans to release a full EP of new material before the end of the year.

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