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New event aims to celebrate great cocktails and the people who make them.

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The Capital Complex in Fredericton are teaming up with Saint John’s Port City Royal to host the first ever official New Brunswick bartending competition, Saturday September 3, 2016.

Shake It Up will include five regional events beginning in Fredericton on October 1 before moving through Saint John, Moncton and other parts of the province.

There are three categories involved in this year’s competition – Smash, Sour and Raddler/Shandy (aka Porch Climber) – and contestants will have 15 minutes to create three identical cocktails using their own recipe. All entrants will be judged on everything from presentation and physical creation to knife skills and product knowledge, with a certain number of points tied to each.

Paul McAllister of The Capital Complex is one of the event’s organizers and a longtime bartender. He believes the growing popularity of locally made goods has led to an increased appreciation for quality over quantity in all areas of purchasing including at the local bar.

“People no longer are as brand loyal as they have been in the past,” said McAllister, “and they’re more willing to try new things, which creates a delightful opportunity for entrepreneurs with a love for well-produced spirits, beers and ciders to experiment and have some fun.”

As Port City Royal bar manager Eric Scouten points out, a lot goes in to creating an outstanding cocktail.  By celebrating the art of bartending, he hopes that Shake It Up will help shine a light on not only the products created but also those who take pride in the traditional art form of tending bar.

“This event is being held in the hopes of getting more people interested in bartending as a career as well as helping develop people’s desire for quality made drinks,” said Scouten. “This competition is about promoting cocktails as a form of substance rather than a means of intoxication. If we encourage more bartenders to perform at a higher level and with a wider set of technical skills, the public will come to expect more from our industry standards, thus raising the bar. Hopefully it will help passionate people network and help build a community of bartenders committed to the art of bartending. We hope this will eventually lead to the creation of a provincial bartenders association and a higher quality of life for those who choose to pursue bartending as a career and passion.”

To learn more about Shake It Up, visit them online.

Shake It Up | October 1, 2016 | The Capital Complex | 7-10 p.m. | View Event


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