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Rose Cousins shares first track off her upcoming 2017 album, Natural Conclusions.

Photo by Vanessa Heins

Last month, Rose Cousins announced details surrounding her new album, Natural Conclusions, which is set for release in February 2017 (Outside Music).

Cousins will make her return to Fredericton in just under a month as one of the performers at Shivering Songs 2017.  Her unique blend of songwriting rich with emotion and honesty, coupled with her subtle sense of humour, has helped establish her as one of the most endearing and personable performers anywhere in the world, often leaving audiences feeling like they’ve just made a new friend.

But in 2013, like many performers who dedicate their life to the development of their craft and their art, Cousins came close to burning out and found herself at odds with her creative direction and the record, tour, record, tour monotony of a life in performance.

Over the past few years she dialed back the process that had come to define her day-to-day and instead, looked to new avenues for inspiration, direction and creativity. A longtime photographer, Cousins took the opportunity to reconnect with her camera and explore her interest in co-writing. Her explorations took her from Halifax to Los Angeles, Boston, Ireland, Nashville and Toronto where she could work on her own terms and create with friends new and old.

“It is liberating to spend a year making music that isn’t billed for me as an artist,” said Cousins. “Some for film, TV, or even for someone else to sing. Freeing to walk into a room as a writer. To wake up, have a morning, meet people, make something that didn’t exist, and get to bed at a decent time. Read more books. Creating feels like a good use of my time and this is the first time I’ve ever allowed it to be my focus, counterintuitive considering songs are what my career is built on. Songs and photographs have always explained better, what I mean and how I feel.”

And so her upcoming performance at Shivering Songs 2017 is a cause for major celebration. Armed with new inspiration, a new outlook on her career and a whole lot of new music, Cousins’ Friday night show at Wilmot United Church will certainly be one of many must-see performances at this year’s festival.

To get you geared up, have a listen to Freedom, the aptly titled debut single of her new album.

Rose Cousins + Donovan Woods | Friday January 20, 2017 | Wilmot United Church (Shivering Songs) | Fredericton | Buy Tickets

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