Richie Young gets all sci-fi with latest single

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Richie Young shares another self-produced single and video combo to travel “back in time” with his latest single, Pegasus Project.

Matt Carter

The genius of Richie Young has yet to be appreciated. As a musician, his ability to adapt to situations and make use of the tools at his disposal are unparalleled. I’ve posted a lot of singles and videos from Young over the past few years and I have yet to tire of his creativity. His use of rough blues structures reminiscent of the smoke filled bar era à la 1971, combined with flawed recording techniques and his ever evolving use of video production (not to mention his remarkable wardrobe) keep me coming back for more. I’ve developed a “what is he going to do next?” interest in Young’s career path that is edging dangerously close to obsession. Simply put, he is really fun to follow. And most of all, he is completely relatable. He is a flawed human like the rest of us. But unlike the rest of us, Richie Young has embraced his perceived shortcomings in a way that puts the rest of us to shame. The very traits we try our best to hide have become his superpower. And not only that, the guy can really play. You should hear him rip on the harp.  

As he tells it, Young’s latest single was inspired by a piece of modern day science fiction. Or maybe it’s fact. It doesn’t really matter. What matters here is that Young got inspired and did his thing, as only he could do.

“I recorded it myself as well as played all the instruments for the song,” said Young. “The song idea came after reading an article called Project Pegasus, about a government program teleporting children to alternate universes.”

From where I stand, time travel is kind of an ideal topic for Young and his just-stepped-out-of-the-1970s vibe. Interestingly enough, Project Pegasus was said to have begun around the same time. Coincidence? 

There are so many things to love about this video. The main vocal hook “back in time” is perfectly reflected in practically every frame. From the VHS video camera to the 1985 church organ and the floor model turntable, all the way through to the red retro television that eventually beams him away, it’s all gold. It’s pure Young given’r with both barrels. 

I just want to know one thing: where did he find those curtains? 


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