Quality Block Party is looking for a few good people

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QBP issues a call for volunteers in support of summer festival August 10-12 in Saint John.

Quality Block Party is seeking volunteers for its upcoming three day festival August 10-12 in Saint John.

Volunteers play an important role in the delivery of music festivals across the province, assisting organizers with a variety of tasks including venue management, ticketing and security.  

“Volunteers are integral to the success of each iteration of Quality Block Party,” said QBP Volunteer Coordinator Julia Rogers. “This August, our volunteers will act as ticket vendors, conference aides, show managers, and show buddies.

“We rely upon our volunteer base to ensure shows run smoothly, artists are properly supported, and attendees are given the tools and structure required to enjoy their festival experience on the block,” she said.

All volunteers will receive a festival pass and an invitation to attend the festival’s after party on Saturday night.

All interested parties are asked to contact Julia Rogers via email by July 26th to confirm their interest in volunteering and to provide their availability over the weekend.

QBP will be hosting Show Buddy training and a general orientation session for all volunteers on Sunday, July 29th in Saint John.

Quality Block Party is an independent music festival in Saint John, New Brunswick committed to supporting NB artists and community building through festivals, national showcases, and community fundraising.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for complete details on Quality Block Party’s 2018 summer lineup. 

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