Players & Pints (Episode 2)

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Hot Garbage Comedy Collective return tonight with another liveplay comedy show.

Back in July the members of Fredericton’s Hot Garbage Comedy Collective tried their hands at something a little different. Mixing the role playing structure of Dungeons and Dragons with the group’s established background in improv comedy, Players & Pints proved to be a greater adventure than anyone could have expected.  The event attracted a capacity crowd to Unplugged – A Board Games Cafe on Queen Street validating the experiment and proving to all in attendance that this unusual pairing of comedy and adventure was worth pursuing.

“The first show was absolutely an experiment,” said Fredericton actor Kat Hall, one of five performers involved in the show. “We didn’t really know what to expect going in, other than what our vague format was going to be. We’d done test rounds and had enough success to go in front of an audience, but we had no idea how much having a crowd was going to chance the experience.”

Before the evening got underway, photos began circulating on social media showing a packed house with an audience ready for adventure. The venue’s staff were overwhelmed, the performers amazed, and everyone in the room that night knew they were in for something special and completely unique.

“The audience was amazing and boosted the energy of everyone,” said Hall.  “It was a really electric experience as a performer. We have a really great and diverse crew in terms of style, and everyone collaborated really well to keep everyone present and contributing with their own flavor.”

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Player’s & Pints returns tonight for episode two.

“For this coming show, we expect to try to refine the whole process, and really start pushing the story and comedy a bit harder,” said Hall. “We know this works, and we’ve gotten to lay down the characters and experiment with the formula already, so we’re hoping to really start finessing the show.

For those who may have missed that first performance back in July, have no fear. The characters and rules of the game will all be explained before the performance begins. Your only advice is to get there early and secure a seat for what will surely be a memorable evening of role playing comedy.

Tilly Jackson as The Bard
Aaron Ellis as The Monk
Kat Hall as The Fighter
Ryan Griffith as The Wizard
With Jean-Michel Cliche as the Dungeon Master

Hot Garbage Comedy Collective presents – Players & Pints – Episode 2 | Monday September 10 | Unplugged: A Board Games Café | 418 Queen Street, Fredericton | View Event

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