Papal Visit – Destroy The Hive

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Ahead of their forthcoming album, the Halifax/Saint John collaborative project Papal Visit have shared the new single, Destroy The Hive.

Matt Carter

Can someone please give Adam Mowery and Pierre Cormier some kind of award? Together with an admirable crew of Saint John all-stars, their collective band Papal Visit has to be one of the most interesting and inspiring East Coast projects I can think of.

I’ve already shared the Coles Notes on the group’s backstory (here and again here) so I’ll try not to repeat myself. At least not too much.  What I will say, however, is since I first was introduced to this latest chapter in the Mowery/Cormier creative lineage, I have yet to be disappointed by anything they’ve put out. Their mix of early garage rock and 70’s psychedelia, together with consistently beautiful artwork make each new Papal Visit release as much a must-see as they are a must-hear.

As the band continue to tease their forthcoming album due to arrive this fall on Monopolized Records, Destroy The Hive / Quite A Lot find the group continuing down its well-established sonic path. The A side, Destroy The Hive, is so well put together it’s hard to believe this band exists as a long-distance project. The B side, through slightly weaker with its slowly sinking tempo, still retains a bit of the raw energy that makes up heavy portion of the Papal Visit sound.

I’m really looking forward to the full album’s arrival. It’s said to contain more than 20 tracks, and so I’m interesting to hear how they will nearly double their recorded output in a single release. If the many singles, the two collections and the live EP are any indication of what’s to come, I’m sure the full-length will be a wild, enjoyable ride. Watch for it.

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