Papal Visit Announce New Album, “Five Fathom Hole”.

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Papal Visit make their vinyl debut with Five Fathom Hole, arriving November 12 via Monopolized Records. Check out the new single, The Opposite Heart and pre-order your copy today.

Matt Carter

Originally conceived as a long distance collaboration between musicians Adam Mowery and Pierre Cormier, Saint John’s Papal Visit has grown to become an admirable collective bringing together a who’s who of Saint John indie rock. Over the course of numerous digital singles, EPs and albums, Papal Visit has become one of the region’s most prolific bands, always firing on all cylinders.

This fall the band will see its first album pressed to vinyl via the Saint John label Monopolized Records.

“Five Fathom Hole is the kind of album I’ve wanted to do for years, and Papal Visit’s never ending assembly line approach makes it possible,” says co-founder Adam Mowery. “The easiest comparison regarding the format is obviously – The White Album by the Beatles – a big unwieldy collection of recordings from different nights, sessions and recording spaces. Some are fully realized indie rock and punk songs, while others are scraps and weird experiments. The end result is hopefully a type of sonic collage, where the listener doesn’t have time to process what they’ve heard before moving onto the next recording.

“I would say Side one of Five Fathom Hole has the most approachable material on it,” he said. “Side one works as a normal Papal Visit record for me but when you flip over, things really start to get out there.”

Five Fathom Hole arrives November 12. Pre-order your copy today via Monopolized Records.

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