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Ottawa duo heading east in support of new 7″ release. 

Deathsticks return to the East Coast this week for a short four-date tour that includes shows in Fredericton, Moncton, Saint John and Halifax.

The band were last out this way in July for a short tour in support of a split release with Saint John’s Right Shitty. Six months later, they’re back with a brand new release.

“We’re touring to support a 7” record that will be available on December 24th, on any of our online streaming sites and the physical copies will be available at any of our upcoming shows,” said Deathsticks’ Matt Post. “This will be our fifth or sixth tour out east, I think, and the shows are always great. It almost feels like home now.”

The tour will also include performances by Right Shitty (Fredericton), Deep Fryer (Fredericton), Sheik (Saint John), Subtle (Saint John), Booji Boys (Halifax), Nightbummerz (Halifax and Moncton), Frail Hands (Halifax), Cutie (Halifax), Outtacontroller (Moncton), Bit Lip (Moncton), and Allumette (Moncton).

Check event pages below for exact details. 

East Coast Tour Dates:

December 28 | Fredericton | View Event
December 29 | Saint John | View Event
December 30 | Halifax | View Event
December 31 | Moncton | View Event


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