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OMBRÉ, an assembly of imaginative works by three sculptors, opens today at Gallery on Queen. 

Work by Nancy E. Oakley.

Gallery On Queen is proud to present OMBRÉ, an assembly of imaginative works by three sculptors: Éveline Gallant Fournier, Nancy Oakley, and Peter Thomas.

This exhibition features an eclectic mix of work by New Brunswick and Nova Scotian artists. Here, the earthly and the tangible are met with the metaphysical and the ethereal.

The opening reception for the show will be on Thursday, November 24th at 5:30 p.m. and we hope to see you there. The show will display at the Gallery until December 8th.

About the Artists:

Éveline Gallant Fournier:

Born in the tiny village of Shediac River, Éveline Gallant Fournier has lived in Edmundston since the late 1970s. She works in a variety of media including painting, sculpture, installations, digital art and Land Art. Public art has also been part of her journey: examples include Khronos, a monumental work on permanent display at the New Brunswick Botanical Garden. 

“The body and time are at the core of my work. I am deeply inspired by prehistoric art, the female figurines from the paleolithic and neolithic periods and by world mythologies. I explore the primitive essence of women, her power of creation and her connections with the earth and the cycles of nature. “  – Éveline Gallant Fournier: 

Nancy E. Oakley:

Nancy E. Oakley is a Mi’kmaq/Wampanoag artist living and working on the Eskasoni First Nation reserve in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.. She is a graduate of the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico and the Nova Scotia School of Art and Design, taking courses in Photography, ceramics, weaving and jewelry making.

“My pieces are stone polished and smoke fired outdoors with fir tips, seaweed and sawdust, imprinting beautiful smokey finishes. Her pots are then adorned with traditional Mi’kmaq embellishments such as black ash basketry, beadwork, carved and or painted hieroglyphics and braided sweetgrass “ – Nancy Oakley 

Peter Thomas:   

Peter Thomas  is a graduate with a Diploma of Art -Ceramic Major, Stained Glass Minor from Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland, and Post Graduate Fellowship and Travelling Scholarship, Edinburgh College of Arts and Master of Fine Art – Ceramic Major, Printmaking Minor. Claremont Graduate School, California, USA

“If any of the work might survive a thousand years, all would tell a story of our society, its needs, functions, rituals, issues and dreams. One direction would involve a more competitive and self promotional life, the other a quieter one. Ultimately I realized I wanted to make work which would function on a personal scale, and preferably within the intimacy of home. Neither a fine artist nor a craftsperson, but like most of us who are defined as craftspeople, I work in a space best defined as that of ‘The Tactile arts’ or, if you prefer, ‘L’art Intime’. It is enough to be a maker, for that is the definition of life.” – Peter Thomas 

406 Rue Queen Str, Fredericton, NB

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