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Three new exhibitions of work are now on display at Gallery 78.

Hand piece by Kathryn Cronin.

Fortified – selected works by award-winning silversmith Kathryn Cronin.

Delving into a theme she explored during her Advanced Studio Practice at the NBCCD, Kathryn captures in her jewellery how life changes and continues to form, and one must overcome difficulties. In her words, “This series is made of small, weak segments of wire that I fused together over and over until I had a sizeable piece that is architectural and grand, and infinitely stronger both physically and aesthetically.” Learn more

About the artist: Kathryn Cronin was born in Fredericton, New Brunswick and later moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she was raised. She attended NSCAD before returning to Fredericton to study Jewellery, where she graduated with honours from the Jewellery/Metal Arts Diploma program. Cronin has currently returned to NBCCD to attend the Advanced Studio Practice Program, where she was awarded the Sheila Hugh Mackay Merit Bursary upon her acceptance into the program.

New Brunswick Collects 2018

Enjoy an impressive collection of secondary market pieces by celebrated New Brunswick artists including Miller Brittain, Fred Ross, Tom Forrestall, Dorothy Sleep, Molly Lamb Bobak and Philip Iverson. Maybe this will be the year you give one of these works a new home! Learn more

What’s New – September 2018 

Check out some of the Gallery’s latest pieces in this collection of work by Kath Kornelsen Rutherford, Colin Hugh Smith, Susan Paterson, Melissa Kennedy and others. Learn more

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