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Three new exhibits open at Gallery 78 this month with works by Amber Leger, Stephen May, Fred Ross, Bruno Bobak and several others. 

AMBER LEGER – Remembering Summer

As the warm season draws to a close, Amber Leger’s exhibition Remembering Summer depicts a multitude of experiences from this time of year and what it means to her. Amber takes a selection of varying subjects and connects them through her sublime use of colour and an emphasis on the effects of light. Enjoy the carefree, lingering, and magical memories of summer through the artist’s eyes.

There is stunning beauty and comfort in the objects and scenes of Stephen May’s paintings. The viewer is transported to the artist’s surroundings in the exhibition Another Year. Stephen burrows into his subjects, decodes the essence of beauty which lies much deeper and finds at the core marvelous redemption. This is the miracle of being able to find beauty in everyday life.

Collect your own Masterworks offers an occasion to acquire exquisite artwork from several private collections.  Collecting is a long-standing tradition in the realm of art. This exhibition provides a wonderful opportunity to access vintage works from excellent periods by a number of important artists. Included are paintings by Fred Ross, Joseph Plaskett, Bruno Bobak, Molly Lamb Bobak, Pegi Nicol MacLeod, Stephen Scott and David McKay.

The exhibitions start on September 8 and continue to October 1, 2017. 

Learn more at www.gallery78.com 

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