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Pallmer celebrate the first anniversary of their EP Quiet Clapping with new video and limited edition vinyl release. 

Matt Carter

Fredericton-based neo-classical duo Pallmer have been performing and releasing music for four years now. Walking a line somewhere between classical music and indie pop, Pallmer’s Emily Kennedy and Mark Kleyn have helped traditionalists expand their interpretation of the classical form, while at the same time exposing new audiences to the complex tones and textures of the viola and the cello.  When paired with loops and effects and Kennedy’s gentle voice, Pallmer create a sound and presence all their own. 

To mark the one year anniversary of their latest release, the 2021 EP Quiet Clapping, Pallmer have once again teamed up with collaborator Erin Goodine to create a new video supporting the EP’s opening track, Fences.  

Goodine, who also created the video for the EP’s title track, has proven to be an ideal collaborator for Kennedy and Kleyn. Her use of atypical, almost haunting visuals create an entirely new world for Pallmer’s music to exist within, balancing their music’s effortless beauty with a sense of mystery and wonder. A perfect creative pairing, really. 

As if a new Pallmer/Goodine collaboration wasn’t enough, the group’s first vinyl release is now available, combining both EPs (Quiet Clapping and Grass Garden) on a single 12” coloured pressing. Grab a copy on their Bandcamp. If you live locally, you may even get home delivery! 


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