New Series Explores Fredericton’s All-Ages Scene (97-06)

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By Kate Butler

I grew up in a parallel time when the internet was in its initial stages. A time when downloading music and the early stages of social media websites were also growing. During this shift, paper show posters were still being widely used, local zines and word of mouth enabled the local music scene in Saint John to thrive as was a local music website called Giraffecycle. I was invited to my first local all-ages show in Saint John over an internet chat messenger program called ICQ. The show was held at the Whitebone Lounge on the UNBSJ campus and although I don’t remember which bands played, my 16 year old self was in complete awe that there was a group of like-minded individuals supporting and creating their own scene by organizing and promoting shows.

I quickly became involved in the local music scene volunteering at shows, taking photos and writing articles for the Giraffecycle website which is a community music website and forum for the Saint John area. It was through the Medusa Promotions and Route 66 crew that I was introduced to music I loved and music I didn’t expect to love. I watched bands grow, break up, get back together and reunite. I made lifelong friendships in the temporary venues and fell in love with bands over and over again.

Although I did not grow up in Fredericton I have lived here for over 12 years and was fortunate enough to catch a quick

Kenny Bridges, Moneen, Fredericton Elks Club (Photo: Kate Butler)
Kenny Bridges, Moneen, Fredericton Elks Club (Photo: Kate Butler)

glimpse of the vibrant and thriving scene here in the city in the late 90’s and early 2000’s due to the folks of Deleted Scene and NickofTime Music.

I can’t say I have a favourite show per se but anytime Brampton, ON’s Moneen made their way through NB I was there front and center at any and all of their shows.  I am proud to have been a part of the SJ scene and continuing to be part of the thriving and supportive Fredericton scene.

Stay tuned over the upcoming weeks as I will be sharing interviews and stories with Tanya Duffy, Zach Atkinson, Shawn Amos, Heather Ogilvie and others about their experiences with the local Fredericton music scene and how it has evolved to present day.


Kate Butler  @Butler2



We’re really excited about this series Kate is working and are grateful she’s taken the bull by the horns here. While each era of Fredericton music played an important role in getting us to where we are today, this particular time and place (1997-2006) represents a very important time in our city’s all-ages scene.  We’re looking forward to hearing these stories.  We’ll be posting Kate’s articles on Fridays for the next month or more. Watch for them!
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