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Fredericton quartet’s debut EP is a solid lesson in rock and roll.

a2023771554_10Labeling a band as simply rock music can seem like a bit of a cop-out these days. With literally thousands of subcategories layered beneath the rock moniker, critics, reviewers and podcast hosts alike seem compelled to find or create a more refined description that goes beyond the vague, in hopes of hitting the nail directly on the head, or at least closer to centre. That’s a challenging undertaking and one that often leads to greater obscurity, usually to the determent of the art in question. With that in mind, let’s turn our attention to the Fredericton quartet, Yorks.

Yorks are one of those bands that could easily be described a dozen different ways, but in the end it’s best (and probably easiest) to just admit that they’re a good, solid, four-on-the-floor rock band. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Comprised of a cast of regulars from the Fredericton scene, Yorks is a winning combination and one that allows each musician’s strength to contribute wholly to the end result. Vocalist/guitarist Josh Noseworthy’s distinct voice works well alongside Adam Guidry and Jake Spencer’s solid rhythm contribution and Mike Nason’s catchy leads.

Today, the band released its debut EP, Just I, and as expected, it’s a solid effort. Recorded by Chris MacLean at All in the Mind Studios (Grand Theft Bus, Mayors, Young Satan in Love), this five song EP is rumored to be the first of two to be released this summer.

Have a listen and enjoy. After all, it’s only rock and roll.

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