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The latest EP from Wangled Teb is the first in a new series inspired by the four classical elements.

Photo: Dillon Anthony
Photo: Dillon Anthony

“I listened to a lot of video game music growing up so the idea of music as representing a space or a world has had a pretty strong impact on me,” said Wangled Teb’s Indigo Poirier, who describes herself as a socially awkward, kinda nerdy, kinda weird electronic musician.  “For this first EP, I achieved it partly through the use of ambient samples and recordings I downloaded, but also just through the use of melodies and synth programs that just sounded ‘watery’ to me in some way.”

Water is the first in a four part series of EPs planned by the Fredericton-based electronic musician that draw inspiration from the four classical elements. It’s also Wangled Teb’s third EP, following 2015’s Self-titled and 2016’s Wel come to moo nsi ns dem oons ide.

“It’s my third EP and I really pushed myself to make it my best release so far, from both a production and composition standpoint,” she said.

Water is an adventurous four track recording that explores a variety of sonic textures familiar to fans of Poirier’s work, with glitch-beats and frantic start-stop rhythms providing momentum over a dynamic soundscapes.

“I wanted to create something relaxing that still has a good amount of forward propulsion,” she said.  “I wanted something that people could listen to whether they needed an energy boost or needed to unwind after a hard day.”

While the next release in the series has yet to be announced, Poirier is excited about the project and the creative challenges it presents.

“The rest of the EPs have not been officially started yet but I have been floating a lot of ideas around,” she said. “I imagine they will be fairly different from one to the next but will probably mostly fall in the realm of breakcore and/or ambient music. I think I want to push myself to expand my horizons, both in complexity and sound design variety for each release, so hopefully the next one will be even better.”

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