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Våras share first track from upcoming self-titled EP.

varas coverAlex Tracy-Gould has been writing music for nearly two years now, blending rich soundscapes and atmospheric tones with the sounds of post-rock and dream pop.

“After a particularly rough summer, I was writing numerous songs weekly and listened to a lot of Sigur Rós, Bon Iver and Hey Rosetta!, which led me to decide to step away from the mostly acoustic performances I’d been a part of in the past and pursue something more complex and emotional,” said Tracy-Gould.

During an inspiring trip to Sweden in 2015, Tracy-Gould found the word Våras, (which means ‘becoming spring’) and decided it would make a fitting name of his project. He then put together an ensemble and began working to bring his songs to life.

Recording the EP has been a great experience for all of us involved,” said Tracy-Gould. “Officially, I’m the only member of the band and everyone else is a guest so as to keep flexible for shows. That said, the group that we have here now recording and performing is one I’m really pleased with and confident in.”

For this first recording, Våras is Tracy-Gould (vocals/guitar), Ryan Hanson (drums/piano), Riley Renton (bass), Thomas Cardoso-Grant (Trumpet/Piano) and Chris Murray (Violin).

The EP was produced by Ryan Hanson and mastered by Riley Renton and will be released September 30 via Bandcamp.  A full album recording planned for the fall.

The first track, The Roses Left Your Eyes, is now available for streaming and the five song entire EP is available for $5 pre-order.

“The songs on the EP are admittedly ones I didn’t think would fit the album or perhaps weren’t entirely worthy of it,” said Tracy-Gould, “but they still mean something and convey different thoughts and experiences in life, and they’re fun to play. The whole process overall has just been really rewarding.”

Listen to: The Roses Left Your Eyes

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