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‘Space Elevator’ is the first single from the group’s forthcoming EP, ‘Countdown to Oblivion’.

Matt Carter


From their origins as a tiny blip on our collective radars, the interstellar space duo Shrimp Ring continue to offer hope for the next generation. By beaming down a continuous stream of chart-topping dance party favourites, these aliens (who actually walk among us) appear hell-bent on saving the earth, one hit at a time.

After making initial contact with their Humanity’s Last Hope EP (2016) and further colonizing our headphones with 2017’s Activate Your Function, New Brunswick based space travelers Philip Jaguar and Dan Chamberlain are preparing to unleash their third barrage of synth centric ferocity. Space Elevator is the EP’s first single.

“Space Elevator is a song about being separated from someone you love,” said Jaguar. “You can be separated by distance, or separated by time. Some separations are permanent. Even though, logically, I know life is a one-way trip, I keep hoping science will invent some kind of time machine or dream machine or astral projection that will let me visit people I miss.”

“I spend too much time alone brooding about this stuff so whenever I can get together with a few friends and have a fun dance party and take my mind off things…I will get down on my knees and drink deep from that well!”

Countdown to Oblivion will be released June 13. 

Upcoming Performances:

July 6-9 | Evolve Festival | Moncton, NB

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