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Saint John trio share first track from upcoming EP, ‘Love, and Hate Someone’ due out later this year.

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Luscious reverbs cascading into a bed of lonely and desperate feelings could describe the sound of dream weavers, Sheik. Their shoegaze influence is shown through forms of celestial melodies and stellar, trance-indulging waves of abrasive rock. It’s like being stuck between a dream and a nightmare.

Last week the band released, Alone In The Dark, their first new studio track since the 2016 EP, Go Away From Yourself. It’s also the band’s first recording to feature bassist Kortni Nicols from the Miramichi rock trio Lionsault.

“The new EP was recorded instrumentally by just Lorne and I, and we had Kortni do vocals with us too,” said guitarist Colin Ferris. “Since the departure of our old bassist Will [Savage], Kortni has stepped up to fill in that role as well for us live.”

Alone in the Dark is the first single released from Sheik’s upcoming EP, Love and Hate Someone (Call Out Records) due out this spring/summer.

Engineered and mastered by Adam Dincorn
Artwork by Brennan Michael 
Sheik is Colin Ferris, Lorne Kirkpatrick & Kortni Nicols.

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